The Benhamadi Group, with its density and its effectiveness, handles a large volume of businesses and projects that only the Benhamadi group can lead to good port, and this in areas very vital and important, to have its current leader position the Benhamadi group needed basis, structural and economic basis, the latter is represented by the subsidiaries of the group which allow its growth.

CONDOR ELECTRONICS JSC: is a company specialized in the manufacture of electronic equipment and home appliances and computers.  With a root in the diversity, Condor electronics beams on the market of household equipment. This is explained by the importance of the industrial investments, which allowed it to handle a large volume of businesses and of projects.


Aglotubes :

The parent company of the Group, the first brick set by ElèHadj Mohamed Tahar Benhamadi. A marketing company and then manufacturing construction materials.


This is the unit of terracotta brick manufacturing. Its main goal is to restore the brick produced in Algeria with all its titles of nobility. Its challenge, that is being taken, is the start of a production unit with a capacity of 210,000 tons per year.

Hodna Metal:

The idea of the creation of Hodna Metal is born in the observation that the national market was highly applicant of this innovative and strategic product that is the sandwich panel.

However, the launching of this project was a real challenge, and this during all technical phases of construction. But the excellent quality of technico-economic market studies prior to its launch have formed a solid basis for the future of the project.
After the consultation of the suppliers, the work for the construction of the buildings started in August 2006.

Only 10 months later, Hodna has started its production.


At the entrance of Bordj Bou Arreridj sits a magnificent mill. With its very modern facilities, the technicity and the expertise of its staff and the quality of its raw material, this mill was able to become a solid value of agro-food. In terms of quality, its many products (semolina, flour, couscous and other) are among the best in Algeria.


Company specializing in the production and marketing of woven bags in polypropylene, used in the food industry for different packagings (flour, semolina, pulses, salt, etc.) and sea products.